Rural Telone® C-60


Rural TeloneĀ® C-60 is a pre-plant soil fumigant (fungicide and nematicide) with 60 percent Chloropicrin for the control of soil-borne disease including; Fusarium, Verticillium Wilts, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Parasitic, Nematodes, Symphylans (garden centipedes), Wireworms and weed suppression. Active constituents 380 g/kg 1,3-Dichloropropene & 595 g/kg Chloropicrin

Packaging information

  • 90 kg
  • 810 kg
  • Returnable cylinders are available from A-Gas Rural.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Rural TeloneĀ® C-60 has a higher Chloropicrin content and is better for use in heavier, wetter, colder soils where rapid volatising will allow for quicker release of the product from the soil to prevent the need for extended plant-back periods.
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