Rural Telone® C-35


Rural Telone® C-35 is a pre-plant soil fumigant (fungicide and nematicide) with 35 percent Chloropicrin for the control of Soil-borne diseases including Fusarium, Verticillium wilts, Rhizoctonia, Phythium, Plant parasitic nematodes, Symphylans (garden centipedes), Wireworms and for Suppressionof weeds. Active constituents 615 g/kg 1,3-dichloropropene & 345 g/kg chloropicrin.

Packaging information

  • 90 kg
  • 810 kg

Product Features & Benefits

  • Rural Telone® C-35 and Rural InLine have a higher Telone® content and are better for sandier, drier, warmer soils where slower volatising will mean the product will remain within the soil for a longer period, increasing pest exposure. *Rural InLine® is C-35 blended with an emulsifier to enable easy application through drip irrigation systems.
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