A-Gas Rural - Fumigation Supplies & Services

A-Gas Rural - Fumigation Supplies & Services

Established in 1987, we have years of experience in all facets of fumigation service and practice.

Our primary focus in the market place,  is supplying sustainable alternatives to the Ozone depleting Methyl Bromide. We are also involved in supplying fumigation equipment and monitoring devices as well as designing and implementing fumigation systems.

A-Gas Rural is committed to providing quality products and services to all our clients as well as ensuring World Best Practice in fumigation activities use products within our Stewardship.

Proper use and application of A-Gas Rural soil fumigants helps everything grow better. Your crops. Your business. Your profitability.

Our Fumigant Products

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    Our success depends on having the best people, organised the right way, and motivated to do the best job every day for our customers.


Methyl Bromide application equipment, built to AQIS standard for all types of import and export fumigations. We also design and build custom application equipment to suit your fumigation needs, from spare parts, to full turn key application units.

Being the Australian distributor of ProFume® gas fumigant, we also stock all of the required application, monitoring and ppe equipment required to get you started.

When it comes to soil application equipment we build it all! From broadacre shank injection rigs for polyhouse and field applications, injection systems for mulch layers to drip application equipment for Rural Inline®.

Mobile Fumigation Stations
Fumigation gear Transit Container (Ideal for shipping fumigation Gear)
Portable Fumigation Station Ute Mounted (Ideal for all fumigation activities)

Fumigation Equipment Units
Portable Scales
1 Kg Methyl Bromide Dispenser
Low Level Flow Metres
Fumigant Vaporisers
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
Fumigation Tubing
Induction Lines
Monitoring Lines
"Shank" Direct Injection System (for direct injection of Telone based fumigants direct to the soil in broad area applications)

Fumigant Monitoring Equipment
PPM (ProFume® monitoring system)
Mini Rae

Fumigant Parts & Equipment List
SQEL7-02-SAR Fumigant Parts and Equipment List


Quality Assured, AQIS Accredited Fumigation Service
on a full range of product and structure.

Direct "SHANK" Injection Soil Fumigation
for the control of Nematodes, Diseases and suppression of weeds for broad acre high value crops.

Inline Soil Fumigation Application
for the control of Nematodes, Diseases and suppression of weeds in intensive crops with drip systems.

Fumigations of Mills and Buildings

Ship fumigations
with or without cargo included.

Sales and Servicing of the following monitoring equipment
PPM (ProFume® monitoring system)
Mini Rae


Advice and Consultation

Our unique, unequalled level of experience presents a fumigation skill set enabling us to provide quality, real experience in developing the design and commissioning of fumigation systems. In addition, providing WBP advice in all aspects of fumigation practice utilising any of the currently available fumigants.


Best Practice

  • Guidance available

    Best practise guidance documents and videos for using our products are available. 

Safety Documentation

  • ProFume Hazards & Risks

    Although ProFume is a very effective and relatively easy product to use, it is none the less a hazardous substance that could have serious consequences if not used in the correct and safe manner.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    The purpose of this guide is to provide a single reference point and awareness of the PPE required to ensure the safety of persons performing fumigations with A-GasRural supplied products.

  • Storage Requirements

    Storage of Dangerous Goods, Notification Requirements

  • Dangerous Goods Transport Stowage

    The purpose of this guide is to provide direction and awareness of the requirements that need to be met when transporting Dangerous Goods.

  • Licence Requirements to Fumigate

    A guide to licence requirements to fumigate

"Weeds and soil-borne diseases are an ongoing problem for strawberry farmers. Peter and the team at A-Gas Rural have been fantastic in helping me reduce labour costs and increase yields and profits." - George Piliouras, C & G Piliouras.