Total Solutions for Fire Protection

A-Gas is a global market leader in the refrigerant, industrial gas and fire protection markets.

Our team are industry experts with a wealth of knowledge spanning decades, both domestically and internationally. Our fire protection business is continuously growing within Australia and further afield, and we pride ourselves on staying abreast of the changing regulatory environment with our agile products and services.

Fire Protection

We’ve got you covered for all your fire protection product stewardship needs:

  • Supply

    UL approved fire extinguishing agents used in special hazard systems like HFC-227ea, HFC-236fa, NAF SIII and Temper Products.

  • Lab Services

    testing of halons (NATA ISO 17025 accredited) and other halocarbon fire extinguishing agents (HFC-227ea) to relevant ASTM and ISO standards. 

  • Environmental Services

    providing recovery, reclamation and disposal services for a range of halocarbon fire extinguishing agents. 

  • Consultancy

    providing consultancy in the best practise management of halocarbon fire extinguishing agents (Controlled Substance under national Ozone Protection legislation). 

Our team of experts are on hand to assist in every stage of the product lifecycle; from supply, to lab analysis, to recovery/reclamation, to safe environmental disposal.

We’re here to help. Get in touch today for a superior solution for your fire protection needs.

National Halon Bank

A‑Gas Australia is contracted to manage the National Halon Bank on behalf of the Australian Department of Environment & Energy. The facility safely collects, stores, recovers , reclaims and makes in spec halon 1211 and halon 1301 available to the fire protection industry for supplying essential use purposes (aviation, maritime, defence).

National Halon Collection Program

A-Gas manages the national halon collection program on behalf of the National Halon Bank. Collection includes surrendered portable halon extinguishers & fixed system fire suppression systems from local fire brigades, authorities, industry and businesses; this halon is taken to the National Halon Bank where it’s either recovered or sent off site for safe environmental disposal. 

To arrange the collection of halon from any Australian location, please call the National Halon Bank free call number -  1800 658 084.

The A-Gas laboratory holds NATA accreditation (ISO 17025) for halon 1211 & halon 1301 analytical methods; it provides full analysis services to the National Halon Bank & the fire protection industry.

Testing is conducted to ISO 7201 and ASTM D 5362 standards.